The US-FIP Flexible Impeller --- from pumping must or wine/juice transfer, to pumping mash for whiskey distillation, US-FIP pumps can handle your requirements!  The benefits of self priming, high suction, solids handling and ease of operation are integrated with robust wireless controls that make pump operation simple.

An innovative design, robust construction

We proudly offer the only line of flexible impeller wine and must pumps made in the USA. With our unique pump orientation, standard wireless remote control, and range of sizes; we have the pumps you need to optimize your winery.

US-FIP model 20035LV has become a preferred pump when it comes to pumping high solid mash.  Video demonstrates how well pump can empty mash from tanks. In addition we can provide unit with flow meter and program so pump can deliver mash at a constant rate (feedback loop from flow meter automatically adjusts pump speed).

Great American pumps that are easy to use and maintain.  Equipped with innovative and durable VFD drives that are controlled by a wireless remote. 

Our Products:

Bowpeller; patented low shear design centrifugal pump.  Ideal for pump overs. 

Our patented low shear, gentle product handling Bowpeller centrifugal pump is ideal for applications that need a more gentle pump.  Stop beating your product with standard centrifugal pumps! Our innovative design and American manufacturing provides you a great quality product.  Wireless remote control is standard.

US-FIP 15030-VSMP is our lowest cost variable speed flexible impeller pump.

  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Reducers
  • Hoses


Innovative American design ensures easy maintenance

"Innovation is Simplicity,"  at US-FIP, we take that to heart and provide products that not only perform better but they are designed to be intuitive to use and maintain.  You do not need to be a pump expert to operate and maintain a US-FIP pump. 

US-FIP and Bowpeller winery pumps

Flexible Impeller Pumps