US-FIP®: "Finally, American made flexible impeller pumps for the wine industry!" 

 22060 wine

The US-FIP® line of flexible impeller pumps are manufactured completely in the United States! We offer 3 models in the configuration pictured above: model 30080 (3"x3"), model 22060 (2.5'x2.5") and model 20035 (2"x2").  Models 30080 (3") and 22060 (2.5") are ideal must pumps and they have the torque and power to meet your requirements for must or pump over applications. In addition, we offer two more versions of our 2" x 2" pump in close coupled configurations. You will be happy to know that quality and performance are still American attributes and it will be easy to see these features in our products.  We are the only American made flexible impeller pump to serve the wine and juice market in nearly 30 years---Our innovative and high quality US-FIP® pumps are built to last and we are here to stay! 

  22060        22060 vert        wp

    US-FIP Model 22060                     US-FIP Model 22060                 US-FIP Model 22060


Pump Casing:

  • The casing utilizes sanitary clamps to lock the pump casing on the pump frame and to lock on the front cover.  The clamps allow easy rotation of the entire casing to easily position inlet/outlet nozzles where you need them---Clamp design provides 360 degree compression sealing on O rings. 
  • US-FIP® mounts the pump vertically on its shaft axis to allow rotation of inlet and outlet and to make disassembly/assembly easy!  No other manufacturer utilizes sanitary clamps for casing retention --- so even if the competition mounted their pumps vertically, they would have none of the advantages of US-FIP® ! 
  • Standard casing fittings are Tri-Clamp (bevel seat fittings are pictured, however, Tri-Clamp are standard) 
  • 3" and 2.5" pumps---large enough for any wineries tough must applications---2" pumps ideal for juice and wine transfer 
  • Simple, clean and innovative---US-FIP® 





Back Plate:

  • The unique US-FIP® back plate locks into place against the bearing frame and provides positive alignment to the pump housing.  This feature ensures an easy reassembly or impeller or seal change out.

  • Once locked onto the bearing frame, the operator no longer needs to struggle against the seal spring while attempting to clamp the housing in place



 bf 22060  sealed bearings

Bearing Frame:

  • Sealed Bearings! Our bearing frame features sealed bearings, there is no need to grease anything! No need to worry about the tough environment of your vineyard or winery, in addition, we have a lip seal in front of each bearing to ensure no dirt or water washdown gets to the bearings. 

  • Bearing frame features a front-pull-out design. The bearings are press fit to the shaft for cooler, longer operating life. Simply remove one snap ring and the shaft with bearings come out as an assembly.





  • The seal assembly is easy to install or replace and it requires no tools

  • The US-FIP® pump designed the carbon half of the seal to fit in the back plate, where it is protected and easy to replace

  • Individual parts, such as seal faces and o-rings, are available for purchase at a lower cost than the entire assembly. No need to buy the spring or retainer if not needed





  • The impeller cores are cast and machined in Wisconsin of 304 SS

  • Sanitary Neoprene molded in Wisconsin.  In accordance with FDA CFR 21, for food grade applications




cart vbelt


Cart / base:

  • 304 SS cart, 3V280 belt drive arrangement standard (fully enclosed-a stainless guard encloses entire underside---not shown) 

  • 304 SS axles with pneumatic air filled rubber tires




drive  tether  tether 2  wireless  


Drive / Tethered Remote/ Wireless Remote:

  • Lenze NEMA 4 Variable Frequency Drive, available in single or three phase

  • 25' Tethered remote with speed control, start/stop, forward and reverse

  • Wireless remote: start/stop, forward/reverse, increase speed, decrease speed




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